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Six Flags Wild Safari Inv @ Six Flags, Jackson, NJ
September 28, 2013
temp: high 60s to low 70s, low humidity
Six Flags Great Adventure
and Wild Safari, Jackson, NJ


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Interviews with winners (in order of race run)
Boys Middle School - Raymond Sellaro

Girls Varisty A - Marianna Lansing (Shaker)

Boys JV A - Chris Tinti (ST John Baptist)

Girls JV A - Melanie Vlasic (North Penn)

Boys Varsity A - Josiah Hanko (Trinity Christian)

Girls Varsity B - Julia Guerra (Indian Hills)

Boys Varsity A - Connor McMcnamin (Souderton)

Ashley Higginson (Saucony) Moscow World Championship participant

Girls Frosh A - Chloe Fahey (Shaker)

Boys Varsity B - Benito Muniz (Carmel)

Girls Varsity C - Erin Jaskot (Tappan Zee)

Boys JV B - Alex Fiori (Indian Hills)

Girls JV B - Alice Puchalsky (Strath Haven)

Boys Varsity C - Steve Maine (Highland)

Girls Varsity D - Kelly Hayes (Pearl River)

Boys Frosh B - Landon Detwiller (Upper Perkiomen)

Girls Frosh B - Isbel Cardi (Strath Haven)

Boys JV C - Evan Trotzuk (Collegiate)

Girls Varisty E - Claire Gomba (Hackley)

Boys Varsity D - Mark Corrigan (St Mark's)

Six Flags Wild Safari Inv Meet Preview 2013

The Six Flags Wild Safari Inv enters year four. After a monster run by Eric Holt (Carmel, NY) last year, where he ran 14:52, destroying the old course record (15:37) by 45 secs, we have some course changes. Cars are no longer allowed in the safari so we can now run a more interesting course. The course will now continue another 50 meters, cross the road to the left of a small pond (those looking straight ahead will be able to see the tiger cages through the fence) and then run along the fence that holds the Asian animals. The footing should be much better in this area than the previous course. The fastest boy and girls finishers will be the new course record holders. 
This year’s race features teams from 7 states, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Alabama and New Jersey. More than half the teams are from out-of-state. Both the boys and girls races have outstanding individuals. On the boys side, we have two sub 9:10 3200 meter runners. Josiah Hanko (Trinity Christian, NJ) and Steve Maine (Highland, NJ) ran 9:02.30 and 9:05.98 respectively for 3200 meters last spring. They will compete in different races so we will see who gets pushed more to run the top time of the day. Don’t forget about Benito Muniz (Carmel, NY) who was the 2nd fastest finisher last year behind his teammate. His 15:21 was also under the old record. Also look for Kevin Tuntivate (Charter Wilmington, DE) with spring bests of 4:22.58 1600/9:19.88 3200. Others to watch for the coveted All Six Flags Team (fastest 7 finishers of the day) are (all the 1600 and 3200 meter times) John Flannery (Bronxville, NY) 4:17/9:37; Luke Gavigan (Tappan Zee, NY) 4:23/9:27; Marco Pompilj (Collegiate, NY) 4:18/9:39; Colin Chehanske (Colts Neck, NJ) 4:21; James Buser (Mahwah, NJ) 4:21; and Joseph Prunty (Fordham Prep, NY) 9:37.
The fight for fastest boys team total should be a good one with several good teams. Collegiate, NY is #1 ranked in NY Class C (the 2nd smallest division). Pottsgrove, PA is preseason #5 in PA in AA, Indian Hills, NJ #23 All-Groups in NJ, Fordham Prep, #13 in NY Class A, Tappan Zee #9 in NY Class B, Bronxville #3 in NY Class C and Irvington #6 NY Class C.
The girls meet returns 4 of the top 7 fastest from last year’s meet. Kelly Hayes (Pearl River, NY) was 2ndfastest last year and ran 4:32 1500/10:00 3000; Kerry Dyke (Mt St Mary, NJ) was 4th fastest last year and ran 10:49 3200 on the track. Kelly Shaffer (South Hunterdon, NJ) was 5thlast year and ran 5:08 1600 and Tara Connelly (SJV, NJ) was 7th and ran 4:59 1600. Add Amanda Corbosiero (Mt St Dominic, NJ) 4:54 1600, Courtney Thompson (SJV, NJ) 10:45 3200, Corrine Myers (Westwood, NJ) 4:56 1600, Danielle Leavitt (Lacey, NJ) 5:00 1600, Jessica Molloy (Mountain Brook, AL) 10:53 3200, Gillian McIllroy (Summit, NJ) 5:02 1600, Vickie Ajimoko (Williamstown) 5:02 1600, Stephanie Gerland (Garden City, NY) 10:18 3000, Autumn Bender (Tri-Valley, NY) 10:30 3000, and Gemma Nuttall (John Jay-Cross River, NY) 10:30 3000. There are a total of 14 girls with times of at least 11:10(3200)/10:30(3000) or under 5:05 (1600)/4:45 1500. Anyone making the All Six Flags Team will have certainly earned it with this field. (add 10 secs to 1500 to make 1600 time and 42-43 secs to 3000 to make 3200)
For the girls, we have some great teams. Coming in from Alabama is Mountain Brook who has won the last ten state titles, from NJ is State All-Group #1 ranked Mt St Dominic Academy, from PA we have pre-season All Class #4 North Penn and #9 Strath Haven, from NY Class A #13 Shaker, Class B #8 Pearl River and #9 Garden City and from DE we have Charter Wilmington and Caesar Rodney.
Let's look at each race and see who the top individual and teams are. The times next to the runners are either their best 2013 spring time or their personal best.
Varsity A
Boys: Josh Hanko (Trinity Christian, NJ) 3200 9:02, Kevin Tuntivate (Charter Wilmington, DE) 9:19 3200, Joseph Prunty (Fordham Prep, NY) 9:37 3200, Jonathan Cavello (Fordham Prep, NY) 9:44 3200, Sam Phipps (Caesar Rodney, DE) 4:26 1600, others Kelly Davis (Mountain Brook, AL), Mike Miano (Fordham Prep, NY), Patrick Galluci (Caesar Rodney, DE), Sam Little (Hunterdon Central, NJ), Luke Wiley (Williamstown, NY);
Teams: Fordham Prep, NY (#13 Class A); Mountain Brook, AL; Caesar Rodney, DE
Girls: Jessica Molloy (Mountain Brook, AL) 5:01 1600/10:53 3200, Vicky Ajimoko (Williamstown, NJ) 5:02 1600/11:08 3200, Marianna Lansing (Shaker, NY) 4:40 1500/10:35 3000, Camille Franklin (Lenape, NJ) 5:07 1600, Phoebe Clowser (North Penn, PA) 11:19 3200, Rebekah Mills (Caesar Rodney, DE) 11:22 3200, Emily Bedell (Mountain Brook, AL) 11:24 3200, others Ali Valenti & Melanie Vlasic (North Penn, PA), Audre Martino (Shaker, NY), Tori Vickers (Smyrna, DE), Kate McCormack (St John Baptist, NY);
Teams: North Penn, PA (#6 pre-season All Classes); Mountain Brook, AL (10 straight state titles); Shaker, NY (#13 Class A), Charter Wilmington, DE; Caesar Rodney, DE
Varsity B
Boys: Benito Muniz (Carmel, NY) 4:24 1600/9:35 3200, Colin Chehanske (Colts Neck, NJ) 4:21 1600, Giancarlo Martines (Cherry Hill West, NJ) 4:24 1600, Mike Pinnola (Colts Neck, NJ) 9:49 3200, Bobby Corcoran (Indian Hills, NJ) 9:54 3200, Sean Corbley (Lacey, NJ) 9:55 3200, Darren Guzman (Teaneck, NJ) 9:55 3200, others Matt Touhy& Chris Evans (Indian Hills, NJ), Sean Sacks (Fox Lane, NY)
Teams: Indian Hills, NJ (#23 All-Groups); Colts Neck, NJ
Girls: Julia Guerra (Indian Hills) 4:52 1600/11:03 3200, Danielle Leavitt (Lacey, NJ) 5:00 1600, Allie Wilson (Strath Haven, PA), 5:02 1600, Stephanie Garland (Garden City, NY) 10:18 3000, Vicky Martinez (Fox Lane) 10:19 3000, Chelsea Smith (Toms River South) 5:06 1600, Jordan Angers (Mountain View, VA) 11:23 3200, Samantha Hoagland (Colts Neck, NJ) 11:27 3200; others Alice Puchalsky (Strath Haven, PA), Jennifer Garland (Garden City, NY), Lauren Sapone (Red Bank, NJ)
Teams: Garden City, NY (#9 Class B); Fox Lane, NY (#25 Class A); Colts Neck, NJ
Varsity C
Boys: Steve Maine (Highland, NJ) 9:05 3200, Luke Gavigan (Tappan Zee, NY) 9:27 3200, John Flannery (Bronxville, NY) 4:17 1600/9:37 3200, James Buser (Mahwah) 4:21 1600, Liam Burke (Tappan Zee) 9:46 3200, Josh Clark (Highland, NJ) 9:46 3200, others Liam Hackett (John Jay-Cross River, NY), Flannan Hehir (Tappan Zee, NY), Adham Ziyadeh (Cliffside Park, NJ).
Teams: Tappan Zee, NY (#9 Class B); Bronxville, NY (#3 Class C)
Girls: Erin Jaskot (Tappan Zee, NY) 4:37 1500, Courtney Thompson (SJV, NJ) 10:45 3200, Tara Connelly (SJV, NJ) 4:59 1600/11:01 3200, Gillian McIlroy (Summit) 5:02 1600/11:09 3200, Kelly Scaffer (South Hunterdon, NJ) 5:08 1600, Gemma Nuttall (John Jay-Cross River, NY) 10:30 3000, Anna Flynn (Ursuline, NY) 4:44 1500, Diedre Rizzo (Tappan Zee) 10:49 3000, others Suzanne Abribat (Ramsey), Jessica Martins (Summit, NJ), Carlysa Oyama (West Essex, NJ), Allyson Schlosser (Parsippany, NJ)
Teams: Strath Haven, PA (pre-season #9 All Classes); Summit, NJ (#24 All-Groups); Tappan Zee, NY (#11 Class B)
Varsity D
Boys: Mark Corrigan (St Mark’s, DE) 9:47 3200, Jekabs Hayes (Pascack Hills, NJ) 9:57 3200, David Gates (Nyack, NY) 9:49 3200, Ahmed Ahmed (Nyack, NY) 9:49 3200,Peter Wilk (Valley Stream North, NY) 10:00 3200, others Hussein Elmeshad (Leonia, NJ), Paul Antonick (Westwood, NJ), Victor Ruda (Sussex Tech, NJ, Michael Gordon (Valley Stream South, NY.
Teams: Pottsgrove, PA (#5 Class AA); Irvington, NY (#6 Class C); Nyack, NY
Girls: Kelly Hayes (Pearl River, NY) 4:32 1500/10:00 3000, Kerry Dyke (Mt St Mary) 10:49 3200, Amanda Corbusier (Mt St Dominic) 4:54 1600, Corrine Myers (Westwood, NJ) 4:56 1600, Catherine Rayward (Pearl River, NY) 10:38 3000, Brittany Gibson (McNair, NJ) 11:23 3200, Juliet Kohli (Mt St Dominic, NJ) 11:26 3200, others Victoria Sanfilippo (St John Villa, NY), Nicole Rodriguez (Kinnelon, NJ), Lizzie Riley (Irvington, NY).
Teams: Mt St Dominic, NJ (#1 All Groups); Pearl River, NY (#3 Class C)
Varsity E
Boys: Marco Pompilj (Collegiate, NY) 4:18 1600/9:39 3200, 4:26 1600, Jack Farley (Collegiate, NY) 9:41 3200, Liam Buckley (Collegiate, NY) 9:44 3200, Giacomo Taylor (Trinity, NY) 9:49 3200, Ryan Carroll (Friends Academy, LI, NY) Hugh Kenny (Poly Prep) 4:28 1600; Josh Kotran 4:29 1600.
Teams: Collegiate, NY (#1 Class C); Dobbs Ferry, NY (#17 Class C)
Girls: Autumn Bender (Tri-Valley, NY) 10:30 3000, Isabella Pascucci (Friends Academy, LI, NY) 10:35 3000, Lisa Fajardo (Bishop Ford, NY) 10:41 3000, Harmony Grodsky (Friends Academy, LI, NY) 10:45 3000, Sophie Debode (Kent Place, NJ) 11:35 3200, Katrina Garry (Friends Academy, LI, NY) 4:56 1500.
Teams: Dobbs Ferry, NY (#10 Class C); Tri-Valley, NY (#13 Class C); Hackley, NY (#15 Class C); Friends Academy (LI), NY (#18 Class C)
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