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Six Flags Wild Safari Inv @ Six Flags, Jackson, NJ
September 29, 2012
temp: mid 60s, cloudy, nice running weather
Six Flags Great Adventure
and Wild Safari, Jackson, NJ


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Race Videos
Girls Middle School
Boys Middle School
Girls Frosh A
Girls Frosh B
Boys Frosh A
Boys Frosh B
Girls JV A
Girls JV B
Girls JV C
Boys JV A
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Interviews with winners

Varsity A Gianna Frontera (Newburgh, NY)
Varsity B Corinne Florie (Mahopac, NY)
Varsity C Tara Connelly (SJV, NJ)
Varsity D Kelly Hayes (Pearl River, NY)
Varsity E Kelly Shaffer (South Hunterdon, NJ)
JV B Maddie Simko (Summit, NJ)
JV C Claire Brennan (Pearl River, NY)
Frosh A Erin Endes (St John Baptist, NY)
Frosh B Jesse McCarty (Pearl River, NY)
Middle School Sarah Flynn
Varsity A Eric Holt (Carmel, NY)
Varsity B Ben Sorensen (Mountain View, VA)
Varsity C Kevin Trimmer (McKee, NY)
Varsity D John Flannery (Bronxville, NY)
Varsity E Matt McGovern (DMA, DE)
JV A Kevin Sun (Syosset, NY)
JV B Brandon Rousseau (Indian Hills, NJ)
JV C Rory Greenshields (Ramsey, NJ)
Frosh A Miles Comforti (Syosset, NY)
Frosh B Trae Robinson (Plainfield, NJ)
Middle School Jacob Hiller (William Anin)
This is the 3rd edition of the Six Flags Wild Safari Inv which features a mile plus of running in the Wild Safari as the animals watch from behind the fences.  It also allows the kids a special rate into the amusement park which 3000 runners chose to do last year.  To take a look at the course, watch the Course Tour.
In 2012, Delaware star Julie Machado shattered the girls course record with her 16:53.  Fastest Boy of the day was Brenden Wortner (Dobbs Ferry) who ran 15:44, just 7 secs off the course record of 15:37 by Mike O'Dowd (Colts Neck).
2011 Results:
Boys HS   Girls HS  Middle School    Watch last year's video coverage
The meet was highlighted by a new course record by Eric Holt (Carmel, NY) who led the first four in the Varsity A race under the old course record of 15:37 by Mike O'Dowd (Colts Neck) in 2010.  Holt demolished the record with his time of 14:52 hitting the mile in 4:32.  Corrine Florie (Mahopec, NY) had the fastest time of the day for the girls running 17:42.  Fastest girls team of the day was Pearl River (NY) averaging 19:14.5.  For the boys, it was Massapequa (NY) at 16:20.8 with Syosset (NY) 2nd at 16:21.2 and two more teams at 16:22.  Massapequa finished only 4th in the Varsity A race.
Fastest Boys Team: Massapequa, NY
16:20.8 team average
All Six Flags Team:
Eric Holts (Carmel, NY) 14:52* CR
Benito Muniz (Carmel, NY) 15:21
Ryan Cooney (Massapequa, NY) 15:29
Josh Steible (Centerville, OH) 15:31
Ben Sorenen (Mountain View, VA 15:40
Riley Leder (Colts Neck, NJ) 15:44
Ty Buckley (Collegiate, NY) 15:46
* CR - course record; former 15:37
Fastest Girls Team: Pearl River, NY
19:14.5 team average
All Six Flags Team:
Corrine Florie (Mahpoac, NY) 17:42
Kelly Hayes (Pearl River, NY) 17:49
Gianna Frontera (Newburgh, NY) 17:52
Kerry Dyke (Mt St Mary, NJ) 18:00
Kelly Schaefer (South Hunterdon, NJ) 18:06
Courtney Tedeshi (Berne-Knox, NY) 18:09
Tara Connelly (SJV, NJ) 18:14


Interviews of all race winners are below the race videos.  If it does not work or is the wrong person, email us at and we'll fix it.
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