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Nutrition with Madelyn Noe-Schlentz, RD, CSSD
Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics


Madelyn Noe-Schlentz qualified for the 2004 US Olympic Trials in the marathon with a time of 2:47:26 at the age of 41.  She was the first US masters (40+ years old) woman to break the 5 minute mile indoors.  She held US masters records in the indoor mile (4:59.9) and 3000 meters (9:58.88) and the outdoors 10,000 (34:58.44).  She also held the US 45-49 10,000 meter outdoor record.  She has personal bests of 16:41.22 (5000m) and 57:43 (10 miles), run when she was 38/39. 

Nutrition Tips

Breakfast -    Reasons for Breakfast and Breakfast Ideas

Food Labels     How to read them

Hydration -

Hydration Part 1 - Why you need to be hydrated?

    Hydration Part 2 - How can you tell if you are dehydrated?

    Hydration Part 3 - Which drink is best? Water or sport drinks

Immune System -

Immune System Part 1 - Enhancing Your Immune System to Stay Healthy


Immune System Part 2 - Enhancing Your Immune System to Stay Healthy

Iron -
Iron Deficiency Part 1 - What are the signs?
    Iron Deficiency Part 2 - Are You At Risk For Iron Depletion or Anemia?
    Iron Deficiency Part 3 - Foods containing iron
Losing Weight -
Which Weigh to Go - Losing the holiday weight
Milk -
Milk Part 1 - The Recovery Drink
    Milk Part 2 - Remodeling and Milk Choices
Preparing Power Foods -
Fruit Smoothies
    Super Cereal

Pre-Workout -
Pre-workout Meal & Snack Ideas
Sports Bars -
Sports Bars - What you need to know
Vitamins -
Vitamins Part 1 - The Difference between Water Soluble & Fat Soluble + Vitamin C
    Vitamins Part 2 - Water Soluble Vitamins
    Vitamins Part 3 - Fat Soluable Vitamins

(1) If I made a positive change in my diet, when would I see the benefit?
(2) How do you stay hydrated and what do you drink when doing multiple events?